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Youtube is an excellent place to find how to videos if the books or sites don't have the instructions you need or it shows the wrong style (continnetal or english), or you just need some one to show you but don't have a teacher handy. Here are my faves:

* = innovative or helpful -- worth checking out but does not indicate skill needed.
(#) = additional helpful videos of the same style
[#] = part of the series

Note that most of these videos are continental style. I prefer this method because there is less movement which I believe allows me to knit faster with less strain on my hands. Beginners: I have included some videos to get started. Once you have a basic pattern that adds increases/decreases or other techniques, they can be found below. Also the speed knitting videos have some great tips that will help you knit with greater ease. Even though techknitter's tutorials are not video based, if you haven't check out her blog it's totally worth it.

Beginners 101long tail cast on | holding yarnknit stitch | purl stitch | swatch and gauge

Binding Off: Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off | 3 needle | picot | i-cord | i-cord loops

Casting On

Color Work

Circular Knitting: dpns | cicular needle | circular swatches


  • Buttons:
  • Edging: selvage stitches | crochet | applied icord border | see picking up stitches
  • Ends: weaving at the end | weaving as you go
  • Hems: picot | straight | knitted | sewn
  • Seaming: mattress stitch | crochet |
Loom: circular loom |

Mistakes: lifelines | dropped stitches | fixing a mistake in pattern | adding a stitch

Other Techniques: Navajo knitting* | backwards knitting* | speed knitting (1) *

Picking Up Stitches: on the edge of stockinette |


  • Decreases: k2tog | k3tog | ssk | sssk | p2tog | p3tog |
  • Increases:
  • Short Rows: 

Socks: Kitchener stitch | double knitting 2 socks on dpns [2] [3]* |

Yarn: t-shirt/bedsheet yarn (1) (2) | plastic bag yarn |


Beginners 101: starting chain | sc | dc

No Turn Chain: faux DC* | faux DC with color change

Patterns: pinwheel popcorn |

Tunisian Crochet: cast on + basic stitchknit stitch | purl


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