January 27, 2010

Sometimes the best information is free :)

Lately I've been going to the library lots and finding all sorts of books and magazine back issues I've missed great articles or patterns I love. I went on a MAJOR binge. I discovered some books I probably would have never bought but will most likely in the future and others I really wanted aren't as good as I thought. Either way, if there is a book you're dying to check out, you can make a request and most libraries will send it in from another location or order it. I've also learned a few helpful techniques that in the future I might make videos or tutorials of my own. The best part about this, is it's FREE!  
Speaking of free, my branch apparently hosts free learn to knit classes where they even supply the project yarn and needles free of charge for a dishcloth and scarf. I went just to check it out, meet new people and ask questions. There is also a more advanced class for mittens and socks I intend to eventually take. There might be something similar in your area, you just have to look.
I'm constantly trying patterns with stitches or techniques that are new to me. Each new thing I try, builds my confidence in my abilities to make more advance pieces and provides inspiration to design my own patterns (hopefully more complex pieces in the near future). These days, great information is available if you look.

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