June 06, 2010

Active Works in Progress: A Sad Update

Until we had all of our things out of storage, I had been keeping my "Girls Best Friend" WIP in a white grocery bag tied up so my son couldn't get at it. We were cleaning up and my hubby must have accidentally thrown it out with another trash bag. Unfortunately there were a couple other skeins of mystery yarn I intended to make a bikini set out of from a favorite thrift store and two of my favorite reference books in it as well. The organizing and cleaning is still a huge task... especially with a super curious 13 month little boy around getting into things he sometimes shouldn't. I'm hoping he hid it somewhere but so far it doesn't look good.

I checked the LYS I got the yarn from originally and they still have that color in the same dye lot... phew. At $11 a skein, I'm glad I put the other two with my stash so I'll only need to replace one skein, the needle set and the 10 hours of work (and learning: my first pattern with short rows) already invested in it. Needless to say I was a little crushed but it could have been worse and there's still hope it might turn up somewhere.

Until I actually replace everything in the next few weeks, I found a skein of some nice crimson red sock yarn (Pattons Kroy) I was gifted after my son was born. I'll be working on the "Movie Socks" by Kate Blackburn. Both patterns are from one of my two favorite sock books, "The Joy of Sox." The other is "Sock Innovation."

Anyway, so lesson learned... never leave projects in plastic bags unless they are clear or clearly marked.

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