October 27, 2010

Where I've been...

For the past month and a half I've pretty much been getting ready for the latest addition to our family, Evan and also getting settled into our new home. During that time I pretty much reduced my knitting time to a halt with the exception of the few hours I spent on Evan's pinwheel blanket (still a wip but only the border and finishing left).

This week, I finished a couple meathead hats I've been working on for a friend's twin boys due in December (shown on left and below); the baby shower is tomorrow. I'm also catching up on my swap squares for my Baker's Dozen group. I've been thinking about the projects I have going on and all that needs to be finished.

I've also just started new project to challenge myself, the Zodiac Scarf by Tina13 who designs some truly amazing free double knitting patterns from all different genres. Check her work out on Ravelry. You will not be disappointed. I love having a challenge on the go where I learn something new; it keeps things interesting and my skills growing. I've never done double knitting before. On youtube I found some videos to learn the technique and also discovered that two socks can be knitted at the same time in the round by double knitting. For now I'll stick with reversible scarves but I totally want to give that a try someday.

There were also a few sites I went to for written/photo directions. Learning how to double knit has been an adventure of sorts. There are many teachers and tutorials but I have yet to find a complete source with all the information in one place. I think I smell a project coming on.

Anyway, back to my boys and my knitting needles. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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