July 16, 2011

Bridal Lelah Modifications

After trying it on I decided a straight tube top isn't flattering for my body type so I changed to my liking. Here is a list of the mods:

Provisional cast on and bound it off with a picot bind off for extra stretch.

No elastic in the hem, no ribbon in eyelets (I was considering a monk cord but it ended up looking like country embroidery with purple yarn --- not good for a wedding)

Bust darts (12 short rows total; six stitches out from the beginning of round and halfway marker then every 3 stitch)

1 cm hem up on the very top sewn with no fold line.

Sweetheart or light v-shaped bust by using a gather. In the very middle of the bust, I threaded up every 5th row between one column of stitches and back down the other side of that column of stitches. When I tried it on, I adjusted gather by removing both bottom stitches and tied the yarn inside to the desired gathered tension. I'm very happy I did short row shaping because this after thought gather caused the front to ride up a bit.

I added straps that cross in the back based on the bra I'm wearing for the wedding (the back of the bra straps actually are detachable). When I hemmed the top, I skipped the stitches where the strap would be by sewing into the purl bumps and continued along. The are 10 sts wide in St st (the first of the 10 is slipped every row for a neater edge).

I did add a short tube for my strap to fit in so the straps would always cover my bra (see right). To knit the tube I added 2 sts and joined in the round. When I switched back to rows, I decreased two stitches. While hemming, I reserved 5 sts in the back which ended up being too thin overall for the back because of the bra clips. I kept the straps the same 10 sts across till the very end where I did a row of k2tog across, purled a row then grafted them together. I used techknitter's kitchener stitch with knitting needles for the grafting. If you haven't tried it, it works great especially if you don't have a tapestry needle handy.

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