December 18, 2012

New Fiber Frontier

Up until the lace scarf I started last week, it's been over a year since I picked up some knitting needles... But I have a good reason. I became a student and this spring I will be a NURSE! It's one of the last accelerated classes before they tack on another year. I'm excited about what the future will hold and all the new experiences I will have however it really cuts into my creative time.

I started thinking. I want comfy scrubs that are stylish. I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit just right. Solution: I got a sewing machine. So Fiberly Yours will now include sewing (not just knitting and crochet). Since Friday, I've made a pair of lounge pants, fixed my son's favorite blankie, my iPad bag, and made a few bags for storage.

This winter break I will also be making my own scrubs. I've been reading up on the basics of pattern and fabric prep. I can't wait. I will post pictures in the future of the completed set. I found this fabric in the clearance section of Fabricland for $5/M. I also have my eyes on a shamrock pattern and though I'm not one for flowers, there is a beautiful blue shaded flower print I have my heart set on. Only down side... it isn't going to take long to build a sizable fabric stash comparable to my yarn stash. Double trouble.

Anyway, for now, here is the pattern and fabric (the lighting with my ipad camera didn't capture the navy blue essence of the fabric) I have selected:

I will be making the short sleeved shirt and pants. Cool thing... I can modify the pockets to overlap and add a watch loop. The perks of making your own clothing and accessories ^_^

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